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MPO Oil Boiler

The MPO-IQ blends unmatched performance with long lasting durability and exclusive energy saving features. Designed as an optimal replacement boiler for millions of homes with existing chimneys' the MPO-IQ has the highest average efficiency in its class. Its rating as high as 87% AFUE' easily exceeds ENERGY STAR levels for efficiency and may qualify for tax credits and/or utility rebates. At the heart of the MPO-IQ is an advanced 3-pass cast iron heat exchanger' combined with a well-insulated powder-coated steel jacket. Even the MPO-IQs Control System is best in class. The IQ Control System allows the MPO-IQ to be easily equipped with an optional Energy Saving control package that can achieve up to a 15-20% reduction in fuel consumption according to most studies. Ask your contractor today for an MPO-IQ oil-fired boiler; an unmatched combination of advanced features and proven durability.

  • 3-pass cast iron sectional design
  • Easy' intelligent IQ Control Systemâ„¢
  • Outdoor reset available – increases efficiency by 15-20%
  • Honeywell digital oil primary control on both Beckett and Carlin EZ-Pro.
  • Direct vent option kit available in three sizes
  • Built-in protection for low return water temperatures
  • Easy installation and servicing Reversible swing away burner door' no target wall/blanket' removable rear plates provide direct access to flue passages
  • IO Option Panel Enables the easy plug & play installation of optional features such as outdoor reset' LWCO' and high limit
  • Optional Touchscreen LCD displays all boiler settings' diagnostics' and troubleshooting in sentences' not codes
MODELOutput MBtuHIBR MBtuHFiring Rate GPHAFUEWater Content Gal.HxWxDWeight. Lbs.
MPO-IQ8474.0 64.0 0.60 87.0 7.70 38x21.6x16.6 475
MPO-IQ115101.0 64.0 0.80 87.0 7.70 38x21.6x16.6 475
MPO-IQ147129.0 112.0 1.05 87.0 11.10 38x21.6x22.6 525
MPO-IQ189167.0 145.0 1.35 87.0 14.50 38x21.6x28.6 660
MPO-IQ231203.0 177.0 1.65 87.0 17.84 38x21x34.6 776

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  • All Parts for 12 months -
  • Heat Exchanger - Limited Lifetime

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